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Copy Trading Survival Guide

Copy Trading Survival Guide


Copy Trading Basics Top 5 Tips

  Forex Copy Trading Basics Top 5 Tips In every aspect of life, when opportunities present themselves, there are usually great opportunities that you should take and under-handed deals that should be avoided. This applies to the art of copy trading. Below you can read several useful tips and rules about how to make the best out of copying other traders’ successful trades. Statistics can be tricky The main statistical indicators are not always 100% correct. Many different traders are able to manipulate the various tools, thus improving their ranking. Why would they do this? It allows them to gain [...]
How to Spot a Bad Forex Signal Provider

How to Spot a Bad Forex Signal Provider

How to Spot a Bad Forex Signal Provider There are over 30,000 trading systems to copy on ZuluTrade alone and almost an infinite number of traders providing signals on the other copy trading platforms. How would you filter these countless signal providers to find the ones who really deserves your confidence? While copy trading platforms such as ZuluTrade work continuously to measure the trading performance of their signal providers, they all apply certain algorithms and automate the process. Therefore, spotting a bad Forex signal provider is not easy, because often or not, they are hidden in plain sight and manage [...]

IronFx Social Trader Review

by Asif Imtiaz
What is IronFx Social Trader? IronFx Social Trader is the social trading platform of the Ironfx Global UK. Although the company is based in the UK, it has a global operation consisting of 16 platforms that trades over 3,000 instruments in Forex, spot metal, stocks, and futures around the world. Traditionally, since its inception in 2010, IronFx offered copy trading service via various third party platform providers, such as ZuluTrade. Also, its MetaTrader platform allowed copying trades via expert advisors. Recently, IronFx introduced a new trading platform, Sirix. It enabled IronFx customers to participate in social trading without signing up with [...]
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Top 3 Tips on How to Spot a Bad Copy Trader on ZuluTrade?

Top 3 Tips on How to Spot a Bad Copy Trader on ZuluTrade? Some of the copy trading platforms like ZuluTrade shows a separate leader board of top copy traders on their platform that only lists the most successful investors, who made significant profits by copying trades from other traders. These copy traders often provide us with hope that if someone else can be successful in copy trading, so can we. Yes we can, but more than every so often we get disappointed once we take a look under the hood. Good luck, random success, excessive use of leverage, and [...]
Leon Carter (zulutrade) Review 01

Leon Carter (ZuluTrade) Review

by Asif Imtiaz
Leon Carter (ZuluTrade) Review Leon Carter is currently (August 15, 2015) ranked as the #3 signal provider on the ZuluTrade copy trading platform. At the time of our research for this review, he had 338 followers who have allocated a total amount of US$ 249,356 to his signals. Leon Carter Pros Over 21 weeks of consistent profitable track record 338 followers who have allocated over US$ 250,000 live funds to this trader A healthy win rate around 63% The majority of the trades are made with GBP/AUD and AUD/USD, which provides a natural hedge that can limit potential drawdown Leon [...]
copy trading with signaltrader - 05

Copy Trading with SignalTrader

Copy Trading with SignalTrader The copy trading industry has come a long way since the early days, when only a handful of companies was offering investors an inexpensive way of gaining profits by following professional Forex traders. Prior to copy trading, small investors did not have the access to investing in hedge funds because of the large capital it required. Companies like SignalTrader has practically removed this barrier to entry and anyone with as little as $2,000 can start a live account and gain sustainable profits. SignalTrader entered the copy trading industry in early 2009 as a Cyrpus based company. [...]
Zulutrade Leader Board August 2015

ZuluTrade Leader Board August 2015

by Asif Imtiaz
ZuluTrade Leader Board August 2015 Over the years, ZuluTrade has done a great job to improve its ranking criteria for the official leader board. But, the ZuluTrade leader board still follows an algorithm based ranking mechanism and we believe the rankings can be improved a lot. Since ZuluTrade itself is responsible for creating the leader board, we also believe that there could be “some” conflict of interest. So, instead of relying on ZuluTrade to tell us which traders are the best, we have created our own leader board for our avid readers based on our own criteria, that we advocate on [...]

Video – Zulutrade iPad App

Video - Zulutrade iPad App [Transcript] Welcome to todays video on the Zulutrade iPad App,. In this video I will give you a basic run through of the Zulutrade iPad App to give you confidence to use it as soon as you open it. I actually prefer to use the iPad app over the browser version on my desktop computer. It’s just better laided out and I can find everything I need much easier. So lets begin. After you have logged into the Zulutrade iPad App you are taken to the dashboard 1. Show Menu. To the left you have [...]
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Want to Start Copy Trading? Try These Copy Trading Tips

by Asif Imtiaz
Want to Start Copy Trading? Try These Copy Trading Tips Copy trading has become very popular among mass investors in the last few years and our portal has been getting a lot of new visitors who have very limited experience in this area. Although nothing in the world can act as a replacement of doing your own research, spending time looking at trading performances and history of signal providers. Using a demo account to learn about how to build a trader’s portfolio, we can offer some simple copy trading tips to help you navigate this industry and guide you towards [...]

Easy way to Track Signal Providers

Easy Way To Track Signal Providers Today I’m going to show you how I use Trello to track signal providers I’m interested in on Zulutrade. This is a quick way to keep track of signal providers. The nice thing about Trello is you can move the cards and lists around as signal traders move from a watch to someone to follow or if they blow up their accounts. To show how this works I have just recently stopped following PooTumVV, but he is still on my “Active” list so I can easily move his card to the “Close Watch” list. Or [...]

Is Copy Trading Safe?

by Asif Imtiaz
Is Copy Trading Safe? If you are asking if copy trading safe or dangerous, then you are probably not asking the right question. Is Driving Safe? Let us entirely ask a different question for a minute, is driving safe? If you live in Belgium, it is probably pretty safe to drive your car to the grocery as there are only 8 fatalities per 100,000 motor vehicles in that eden of a country. However, if you are unfortunate enough to pull your car from the garage in Bangladesh to run the same errands, you would likely have a higher chance kissing [...]