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Copy Trading Survival Guide

Copy Trading Survival Guide


Copy Trading Basics Top 5 Tips

  Forex Copy Trading Basics Top 5 Tips In every aspect of life, when opportunities present themselves, there are usually great opportunities that you should take and under-handed deals that should be avoided. This applies to the art of copy trading. Below you can read several useful tips and rules about how to make the best out of copying other traders’ successful trades. Statistics can be tricky The main statistical indicators are not always 100% correct. Many different traders are able to manipulate the various tools, thus improving their ranking. Why would they do this? It allows them to gain [...]

What You Should Know About ZuluTrade ZuluGuard?

by Asif Imtiaz
What You Should Know About ZuluTrade ZuluGuard? Since its inception in 2007, ZuluTrade has been on the forefront of the technological innovation in the copy trading industry. ZuluGuard from ZuluTrade is another example of how copy trading platforms, such as ZuluTrade, have been trying to improve the overall safety of the funds and user experience of investors over the past few years. What Exactly is ZuluGuard? ZuluGuard is basically a glorified stop-loss mechanism for copy traders. One of the major problems with other traders or signal providers to trade with your money is that you are not in control of [...]
Ironfx MT4 advanced

IronFx MT4 Advanced Review

by Asif Imtiaz
IronFx Advanced MT4 Review IronFx Global UK, one of major Forex brokers operating in the global Foreign Exchange (Forex) market, recently introduced an advanced desktop based trading platform, the MT4 Advanced. We are going to investigate the features and the real world application of those features in this review. This may not actually be related to copy trading. However, if you are one of those copy traders who wants to actively manage their signal providers, the additional features offered by IronFx MT4 Advanced may help you accomplish your goals. Who are IronFx? Since 2010, the IronFx has been offering quality [...]
Best Ipad Apps

Best Copy Trading Apps for iPad

Best Copy Trading Apps for iPad Our Top 4 Picks The whole copy trading industry was built upon the idea of convenience, that promises investors a low maintenance way to trade in the global foreign exchange market without being present in front of the screen. When the first generation of MT4 signal providers started offering their service, the only way to copy trade the Forex market was through hosted MT4 platform on virtual private servers (VPS). However, as companies like ZuluTrade and MirrorTrader started offering cloud based copy trading platforms, it liberated investors from their personal computers. Still, you had to [...]
Can I Make Money from Copy Trading

Can I Make Money from Copy Trading?

by Asif Imtiaz
Our Top 3 Tips Can I Make Money from Copy Trading? Ask any seasoned trader and they will tell you that making money from trading Forex or any other markets is simple, but not easy. You have to truly understand this statement before your understanding of the markets can grasp the idea of making money from copy trading. When you are trading yourself, it is often advised by professional traders that you keep things simple by following a proven trading strategy. Copy trading is not that different. Before you start your quest to copy someone else’s trades, keep these following tips [...]
Zulutrade V's Signaltrader

ZuluTrade V’s SignalTrader

ZuluTrade V's SignalTrader ZuluTrade and SignalTrader are two of the most prominent copy trading platform providers. SignalTrader, like ZuluTrade, does not offer direct Forex brokerage services to investors. Instead, both offer their trading technology solutions to facilitate the platform where investors can subscribe to a trader or signal provider. If the investor has subscribed to a particular trader and once the trade signal is generated by a third party trader, the trade is executed on the investor’s account. However, there are some fundamental difference between these two, especially when it comes to key features and services. ZuluTrade V’s SignalTrader #1: [...]
42 - What is Sirix - 01

What is Sirix?

What is Sirix? What is Sirix? Sirix is a cloud based Forex and CFD trading platform developed by Cyprus based financial service company, Leverate. Since the launch of the HTML5 based Sirix platform, it has gained popularity among Forex traders who are tremendously enthusiastic about its capability as an OS independent trading technology. Sirix is available in over 30 languages and it is used by hundreds of thousands of retail and institutional Forex traders from around the world. As Sirix is only a trading platform and its mother company, Leverate, is not involved in offering Forex brokerage service, it does not [...]
Copy Trading with MT4

Copy Trading with MT4

by Asif Imtiaz
Copy Trading with MT4 MetaTrader 4 (MT4) from MetaQuotes Software is one of the most versatile Forex trading platforms currently available in the market. Although it was released in 2005 the software platform has proved its worth to handle a range of trading usages over the last 10 years. In fact, it is still the most widely used and popular trading platform a Forex broker can offer to their customers. When MT4 first came to the market, the Forex copy trading industry was in its infancy. MetaTrader 4’s built in programming language and support of Expert Advisors (EAs) were one [...]
Zultrade vs Tradeo

ZuluTrade Vs Tradeo Review

ZuluTrade Vs Tradeo Review While ZuluTrade is literally a household name in the copy trading circle, tradeo is a newcomer that has made quite a name for itself in the past few years. Zulutrade and Tradeo are two very similar copy trading platforms with some clear distinctions. In this review, we will try to explore the type of services and features offered by these two copy trading service providers and try to compare them. ZuluTrade Vs Tradeo #1: Brokerage Services While ZuluTrade itself does not provide any native brokerage service to retail Forex traders, Tradeo’s mother company, Hogg Capital Investment [...]
Difference Between MT4 and MT5 01

Difference Between MT4 and MT5

by Asif Imtiaz
Difference Between MT4 and MT5 MetaTrader 4, better known as MT4 among Forex market enthusiasts, is a popular trading software package from Russian software company Metaquotes Software Corp. MT4 was released in 2005 as an enhanced version of its previous MetaTrader software. Since the release of the MT4, it has gained wide popularity because of its easy to use interface and its vast feature set, including heavy duty technical analysis tools and the built-in MQL4 language that allowed traders to create automated trading systems with ease. Although MT4 was regularly updated by MetaQuote, it was not significantly upgraded till 2010; when [...]
ZuluTrade Adds Binary Options - 02

ZuluTrade Adds Binary Options

by Asif Imtiaz
What is ZuluTrade Binary Options? ZuluTrade has proven to be one of the most reputed and easy to use online copy trading platforms in the industry. ZuluTrade first emerged as one of the first companies to offer Forex copy trading services to investors back in 2007 and since then the company has innovated in the field in order to offer innovative technology solutions to copy traders, signal providers and investors alike. Keeping up with that tradition, in December 2014, ZuluTrade Adds Binary Options to its's copy trading services to interested options traders and investors. Binary options trading has been gaining traction [...]