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Copy Trading Survival Guide

Copy Trading Survival Guide


Copy Trading Basics Top 5 Tips

  Forex Copy Trading Basics Top 5 Tips In every aspect of life, when opportunities present themselves, there are usually great opportunities that you should take and under-handed deals that should be avoided. This applies to the art of copy trading. Below you can read several useful tips and rules about how to make the best out of copying other traders’ successful trades. Statistics can be tricky The main statistical indicators are not always 100% correct. Many different traders are able to manipulate the various tools, thus improving their ranking. Why would they do this? It allows them to gain [...]
Tallinex Review - 01

Tallinex Review

by Asif Imtiaz
Who are Tallinex? The name Tallinex comes from Tallinn, Estonia, where this Forex brokerage firm originates from. Although Tallinex is a registered company with the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, its brokerage business is also registered in the Caribbean island of St. Vincent and The Grenadines. Regardless of being originated in the European Union, it is regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in  St. Vincent and The Grenadines. Over the last few years, Tallinex has reaped the benefit of being registered in an offshore location. As its host island jurisdiction has a reputation of being a tax [...]
eToro Review - 01

eToro Review – September 2015

by Asif Imtiaz
About eToro Since its formation in 2007, eToro has emerged as one of the most prominent Forex copy trading platforms. In our last eToro Review, we discussed about how eToro diversified its service offerings by introducing “Expert Mode” as well as the cloud based trading platform called “WebTrader.” Later, they introduced the “OpenBook” that took the copy trading industry by storm as it harnessed the power of social media and incorporated it into copy trading. However, in this review, we are going to extensively discuss about some of the new features of trading with eToro, the “Copy Stop Loss” and [...]
Pipmaster Headline

PIPMASTER15 (ZuluTrade) Review

by Asif Imtiaz
PIPMASTER15 (ZuluTrade) Review As of August 23, PIPMASTER15 is ranked #83 on the leader board of popular copy trading platform ZuluTrade. Last week, we reviewed the ZuluTrade signal provider Leon Carter, and PIPMASTER15 is another trading system from him. At the time of writing this review, PIPMASTER15 had a total 41 followers with a total amount of US$ 50,490 following this system. PIPMASTER15 Pros 41 followers who have allocated over US$ 50,000 live funds to this trader 61% win rate is a sign of a healthy strategy The majority of the trades are made with GBP/AUD and AUD/USD, that should [...]
Copyop Social Trading Review

Copyop Social Trading Review

Copyop Social Trading Review Social trading has become a fast-growing trend in the online financial trading world. Binary options social trading combines broker services with social media to offer traders a variety of investment options including simple copy trading and social interaction with other traders. Copying another trader is a technique that allows you to get involved with automatic trading by formatting your trading platform to automatically enter the same trades as the trader you wish to copy. This allows for easy and simplified trading because the system handles the trades on your behalf by selecting the same assets and [...]
Zulutrade Leader Board September 2015

ZuluTrade Leader Board Review September 2015

by Asif Imtiaz
ZuluTrade Leader Board Review September 2015 It’s the first week of September and that means it is the time to review the traders who performed up to the mark to claim their position in the top 5 of ZuluTrade Leader Board in the previous month. August 2015 was a happening month in terms of increased market volatility as stock markets around the world crashed amid a manufacturing sector slowdown in the United States. Many pundits have been saying that the equity market crash in Shanghai, China, that triggered the global markets to start a corrective move. Regardless, at the time of [...]
How to Spot a Bad Forex Signal Provider

How to Spot a Bad Forex Signal Provider

How to Spot a Bad Forex Signal Provider There are over 30,000 trading systems to copy on ZuluTrade alone and almost an infinite number of traders providing signals on the other copy trading platforms. How would you filter these countless signal providers to find the ones who really deserves your confidence? While copy trading platforms such as ZuluTrade work continuously to measure the trading performance of their signal providers, they all apply certain algorithms and automate the process. Therefore, spotting a bad Forex signal provider is not easy, because often or not, they are hidden in plain sight and manage [...]

IronFx Social Trader Review

by Asif Imtiaz
What is IronFx Social Trader? IronFx Social Trader is the social trading platform of the Ironfx Global UK. Although the company is based in the UK, it has a global operation consisting of 16 platforms that trades over 3,000 instruments in Forex, spot metal, stocks, and futures around the world. Traditionally, since its inception in 2010, IronFx offered copy trading service via various third party platform providers, such as ZuluTrade. Also, its MetaTrader platform allowed copying trades via expert advisors. Recently, IronFx introduced a new trading platform, Sirix. It enabled IronFx customers to participate in social trading without signing up with [...]
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Top 3 Tips on How to Spot a Bad Copy Trader on ZuluTrade?

Top 3 Tips on How to Spot a Bad Copy Trader on ZuluTrade? Some of the copy trading platforms like ZuluTrade shows a separate leader board of top copy traders on their platform that only lists the most successful investors, who made significant profits by copying trades from other traders. These copy traders often provide us with hope that if someone else can be successful in copy trading, so can we. Yes we can, but more than every so often we get disappointed once we take a look under the hood. Good luck, random success, excessive use of leverage, and [...]
Leon Carter (zulutrade) Review 01

Leon Carter (ZuluTrade) Review

by Asif Imtiaz
Leon Carter (ZuluTrade) Review Leon Carter is currently (August 15, 2015) ranked as the #3 signal provider on the ZuluTrade copy trading platform. At the time of our research for this review, he had 338 followers who have allocated a total amount of US$ 249,356 to his signals. Leon Carter Pros Over 21 weeks of consistent profitable track record 338 followers who have allocated over US$ 250,000 live funds to this trader A healthy win rate around 63% The majority of the trades are made with GBP/AUD and AUD/USD, which provides a natural hedge that can limit potential drawdown Leon [...]
copy trading with signaltrader - 05

Copy Trading with SignalTrader

Copy Trading with SignalTrader The copy trading industry has come a long way since the early days, when only a handful of companies was offering investors an inexpensive way of gaining profits by following professional Forex traders. Prior to copy trading, small investors did not have the access to investing in hedge funds because of the large capital it required. Companies like SignalTrader has practically removed this barrier to entry and anyone with as little as $2,000 can start a live account and gain sustainable profits. SignalTrader entered the copy trading industry in early 2009 as a Cyrpus based company. [...]