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ZuluTrade Leaderboard Review – January 2017

ZuluTrade Leaderboard Review
January 2017

Disclaimer: Past performance does not guarantee future results, our  ZuluTrade Leaderboard Review June 2016 recommendations will only be valid till the next update.

No# 1 – ScalperAsia01_scalperasia - ZuluTrade Leaderboard Review January 2017

The 738 followers of ScalperAsia did well last month, by well, I mean 250 pips profit – all of it.

However, ScalperAsia did make his followers nervous with that one trade, which had a drawdown of -221 pips.

By contrast, his best trade was only 94 pips, which means that with a 75% win rate, his followers only made 6.8 pips on average from his 37 trades.

Besides this one large drawdown, ScalperAsia ended the month with pretty healthy statistics, especially, his low necessary minimum equity of $111.38 was impressive.

One of the things we liked about ScalperAsia is the sheer number of pairs this signal provider trades, which means his signals are diversified and a single market move would not affect the majority of his followers.


Verdict: December 2016 was a good month for ScalperAsia and besides his large drawdowns, he did pretty well. You should demo this signal provider to see if he matches your portfolio requirements.

No #2 – EmperorTimeZuluTrade Leaderboard Review January 2017 02_emperortime

EmperorTime’s profit graph reveals it all that he did not have a good month in December.

Currently, EmperorTime has a Zulu Rank of #24613 and we are scratching our head that how this SP managed to sit on the #2 position of ZuluTrade Leaderboard based on last month’s winnings.

Seriously, -778 pips of profit since the middle of December and he is still in the #2 position?

Unless, ZuluTrade update their algorithm to reflect the actual winning traders, our reviews will continue to be useless because there is no reason you should read this review of a trader who made a worst trade of -327 pips, has only 131 followers, who have allocated only $56,904 capital.


Verdict: EmperorTime’s drawdown curve turned flat for the last two weeks of December, indicating he has given up on trading, and probably life. We hope he doesn’t come back from the holidays anytime soon.

No #3 – vcxvcvds2222

ZuluTrade Leaderboard Review January 2017 03_vcxvcvds2222

What a great start of 2017 by vcxvcvds2222!

But, we are not that happy to see his short-term signal provider holding on to his profits during the holidays just to end the month of December with around 25 pips.

However, vcxvcvds2222 has a consistency that we can all appreciate. He keeps small profit target and don’t allow his trades to go into large drawdowns.

That’s why he has a best trade of 16 pips, but managed to keep his worst trade to only -37 pips last month.

As far as win rate is concerned, vcxvcvds2222 did a commendable job maintaining a 92% win rate.

Also, we liked his trading style and patience because you don’t find many short-term traders who only takes 13 trades in a month with 10 – 15 pips profit target, right?


Verdict: High win rate, low necessary minimum equity, short average holding time and a self-control to initiate only 13 trades a month. Follow this guy for a month to see how he does. Just remember he only trades EURUSD and USDCAD.


No #4 – SwissRunners

ZuluTrade Leaderboard Review January 2017 - 04_swissrunners

Our love-hate relationship with SwissRunners continued in December 2016 because after performing well in the previous month, he again caused suffering for his followers.

Let’s start with a quote from his wall: “too large drawdown for small profit. There are better and safer signals to use..” – a spot on review.

The novelty of trading only EURCHF is wearing off and it is being reflected in the performance of SwissRunners over the last few months.

Last month, SwissRunners ended the month with -565.6 pips of open position after losing -601 pips, that’s 161% drawdown.

The worst part was holding on to his losing trades for a long, very very long, time.

His average trade time came out at 4 weeks!

My 2-year old niece had more productive 4 weeks last month, she learned to call me uncle!


Verdict: 57% win rate and a -249 pips worst trade isn’t impressing anyone.


 No #5 – Rammstein

ZuluTrade Leaderboard Review January 2017 05_rammstein

Rammstein had a pretty miserable month, and only made it full circle in the last two days of the new year.

On December 29, Rammstein had a net loss of -329 pips, but by January 2, 2017 he made 1375 pips profit, thanks to his EURUSD short positions.

We usually don’t like signal providers who stick to only one pair and Rammstein doesn’t trade anything other than EURUSD.

Taking a closer look at this open positions revealed that he is indeed a grid trader, who often have both short and long positions opened on EURUSD.

As a grid trader, his worst trade of -271 pips makes perfect sense that his best trade would be pretty low, which was only 97 pips last month.

Furthermore, we were not very impressed by the fact that he kept his trades open for a day on average to make only 7.0 pips from each of his 165 trades last month.


Verdict: If like grid traders, ZuluTrade Leaderboard offers several of them and we strongly recommend that you avoid these signal providers. It is not about the performance, which is still bad, it is their trading style that we are reluctant to endorse.

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Trading foreign exchange carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage available can magnify profits and as well as loses. You can lose more than your initial deposit. Before trading, please carefully consider the risks and inherent costs and seek independent advice as required. Past performance is not an indictor of future results.

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